Passion, performance and safety are the cornerstones of our business. We represent the best brands on the market. System Yacht, a qualified and skilled team able to intervene on board promptly and professionally.




Realization of intuitive electronic systems, easy to use and reliable over time. Innovation, intelligent performance navigation systems. When you put out to sea we guarantee you the best experience possible.

Power Facilities

Electricity is something we’re used to, a comfort we’ve come to take for granted. It has many advantages but also some risks, so it is good to know all its features. We can help you to realize your facility with agm-gel-lithium batteries.

Solar Power Facilities

It seems trivial but the sun is a renewable source and considered inexhaustible. By installing a photovoltaic system you become a self-producer of electricity respecting the environment. Quality competence and experience to meet all your needs.


The stabilizers reduce the roll of a boat up to 95%, they are very effective both in navigation and anchor and ensure comfort even with red sea. We meet every need, from the smallest boat (day cruise or center console) to the superyacht, without limits of installation, even in refitting phase.

Desalination Facilities

The process is called reverse osmosis and is the cornerstone of the desalination facility. Water is forced through polymeric membranes that allow water molecules to pass, but block salts and other inorganic impurities. They are simple, quiet, compact and efficient. We adapt these machines to any need.


The electric generator is the instrument that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. It represents the essential solution to always have a power source, especially in case of emergency. It is important not to underestimate some features because in the details they hide valuable information aimed at meeting the individual needs of use.